A downloadable game for Windows

You are in charge of a research laboratory called "Griffin's Nest". Your job is to manage the laboratory, equipment and resources. Conduct research and breed ACTORs (Artificial Cell Transmutable Organic Robots).
Create new and unique ACTORS by combining different species, races, body types, and traits. Apply researched modifiers and mutators during the breeding process to create a one of a kind, exquisite ACTOR. The possibilities are virtually endless. The choice is yours.
Drop your ACTORS into different customizable environments. Add furniture, props, toys, lights and other items to set up the environment the way you want it. Interact with your ACTORS, control them, pose them, animate them, possess and become them. Do as you please.
Meet other breeders and their creations in an online Multiplayer. Share your research results and conduct cooperative experiments.

  • Online multiplayer - Connect with players from all over the world
  • Voice chat - Real-time voice chat for immersive and interactive gameplay
  • Realistic physics - Physics based gameplay that looks and feels real
  • Physics based penetration
  • Realistic skin rendering
  • Interaction system - Pose, animate, control and possess ACTORS
  • Customizable environments - Add furniture, props, toys, lights and other items to any environment to make it your own
  • Public and private lobbies- Both public and private lobbies are available for everyone
  • Possessable ACTORS - Become your ACTORS
  • Themed environments and toys
  • Desktop (non-VR) Mode - Play without a VR headset using mouse and keyboard.
  • VR support for Oculus, Vive, Index
  • ACTOR Breeding system
  • Laboratory and resources management system
  • Updated genital physics
  • Hair physics
  • Cameras with different lenses and filters for recording in game videos
  • Customizable clothing system
  • Male ACTORs

  • Full body tracking
  • Toy support: Handy, Lovense
  • In game ACTOR marketplace ( buy, sell, trade )
  • Customizable ACTOR makeup system
  • More customizable environments
  • More toys and props
  • Oculus Quest standalone version

By becoming a Patron you get access to the latest build of the game, support game development, and get exclusive patron-only bonus content when the game is released on Steam. Join the Adult VR Game Room community of amazing players, breeders and creators today.

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Patreon: Adult VR Game Room on Patreon
Website: Adult VR Game Room

Install instructions

VR Installation:  
1. Download the zip file and unzip it. ( Make sure you have at least 6GB of free space on your drive )
2. Inside the unzipped directory find a file called "Adult VR Game Room.exe" and double click it to start the game. ( Make sure your VR headset is connected to your PC before starting the game )

Desktop Installation:
1. Download the zip file and unzip it. ( Make sure you have at least 6GB of free space on your drive )
2. Inside the unzipped directory find a file called "Adult VR Game Room - Desktop (non-VR).exe" and double click it to start the game.


Adult VR Game Room Demo

Development log


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was considering donating on patreon after downloading the demo but i can not get past the tutorial as i cant click anything with the vr laser pointer i followed to instructions and tried every button on the controller and my controller works fine in other games im on the hp reverb if you could reply to help me with this issue i can try the game out and potientally donate but right now it unplayable for me

Yeah you would think they would have a faq with help tips.  Maybe there is one on the discord.  But that’s private.  If you read my posts below, it is possible, with some remapping, to use many of the current features with v.4.  No full reverb compatibility until v.5 it seems.

Tried Demos using SteamVR.  Good concept and execution.  Clunky, awkward controls.  Non-VR controls painful, but worked.  HP reverb2 controllers don’t map correctly.  Couldn’t fix.  May be related to the L/R controller 1st 2nd joystick setups not mappable with what the demo is using.  Steam buyers will return purchase if controls have issues.

Hi. Thanks for the feedback. We're aware of the HP Reverb 2 controllers issue and we're working on it. As a temporary solution, you can remap controller buttons in the SteamVR app. Our player are able to play on their HP Reverb by using this method.
The 0.5 update is coming soon which will include reworked controls (based on user feedback), UI, and adds more content to the game.
The game is in active development and all controls issues will be resolved by the time game is released on Steam.

Thanks,  I am impressed with what you have so far and did the early purchase for steam.   In the options, you should add to the x/y/z position to allow the “phantom hand” to be adjusted lengthwise.  I have been trying to remap in the SteamVR app but there is no info on what the game is trying to use.  I “grip” when the band lights, on foot/hand/head, “trigger” to activate the dial menu, “thumbstick” to 1 of 4 options, “stick press” to select.  But the only time “stick press” works is for laser pointer.  I can’t select anything else on the menus.  I also have never seen the pose/move menu dial from the non-VR in VR.  Game does not recognize stick movement unless mapped to second thumbstick value, so that is what I have it mapped to.  Stick press is 1st thumbstick, I don’t see any second stick selection for that. I have tried all available mapping options, but I admit I’m not good at remapping.

Try this:

1. Go to the following directory:  Adult VR Game Room\Adult VR Game Room_Data\StreamingAssets
2. Locate and edit a file called config.json ( you can open it with Notepad app or a similar text editor app )
3. Inside that file find the following line "controls_use_touchpad_two": false,
4. Change it to "controls_use_touchpad_two": true,

This should help with the stick input.

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Thank you for helping.  I tried your suggestion, but that may be a different issue.  I should be more specific.

I am using the HP motion controller in steamVR and editing the controller bindings for this game.  Legacy bindings don’t work at all.

Changed L/R emulated trackpad / joystick position values to use 2nd stick value.  Pad / joystick click set to stick press.  I don’t have any option for a 2nd stick click setting.

With these changes all movement controls work using L/R sticks.  When laser selected, stick click selects.  

With trigger hold, L or R wrist dial enlarges, and the stick select will light up the quadrant.

This is correct so far?

With the quadrant lit, the stick click does not select.  That seems to be the only remaining action I need to make this work?  And get to the next menu set with the back symbol at the center of the dial.

I also tried the oculus touch settings, it seems very similar, but no luck with that.

Also the object palette works.  I don’t have to click to select the quadrants, the stick movement selects the submenus.  It’s the actor interactions where the quadrant selects don’t do anything.

why put it on mega? mega is always a pain in the ass. Mediafire is much better.

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Can someone explain to me how to enter into desktop mode or atleast tell me the controls


I wait for the apk version for quest 2 and then I will sign patreon :)

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I don't own a PC so do you know if there's going to be an APK Quest2 standalone version anytime soon


The Quest 2 standalone version is in development, but no release date just yet. Keep an eye on our Twitter account for updates and announcements.

That's awesome thanks again for the reply I appreciate that

Can you impregnate them?

when will be oculus quest 2 port?

This game will work with Virtual Desktop as well right? Shouldn't be a problem. Any ETA on the steam key?
(First time ever I supported a game like this - it sounds amazing on paper).

Keep up the good work!!!

Thank you for your support. We haven't tested with the Virtual Desktop but some of our players got it running there. 
There's no public ETA for the Steam release just yet. Keep an eye on our Twitter account for an announcement. You won't have to wait too long. ;) 
More game updates, news, and announcements are coming soon. Stay tuned.

Thanks! Yeah it works fine with Virtual Desktop. So that's good. I will wait on the updates then. Looking good :D

doesn't work for me in virtual desktop. how'd you get it to work?

Eh... Well... I don't know. It just works. You download and install Virtual Desktop Streamer to your pc. And you download it on your meta quest 2. Then you start the program on the pc first and then you start it on the quest 2. And you have your pc where you can choose the game. Pretty easy but you NEED a good pc.

ohhhh i see.

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Two questions, when will it be out on Steam? And how much will it cost on Steam? I prefer paying over Steam, other than websites like Itch.io or Epic games. Not really a security issue, just personal preference. (Plus I don't want this showing up on my credit card's history)

Hi. There's no public ETA for the Steam release just yet. Keep an eye on our Twitter account for an announcement. The price will be announced as well. The best offer right now is the Steam itch.io sale which is running until July.





Can I play on Oculus Quest 2 ?


Yes. Just connect your Oculus Quest to your PC with link or airlink and start the game.


great, thks for answering


Yes! Desktop version here I cum! been waiting for this


Enjoy! :)

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in-game, all the female genitalia is blurred out/pixelated. any way to fix that? or is it like a patreon-only feature?


Hi. This is a demo version. The demo version is censored and some features are locked like additional ACTORs ( characters ) and online multiplayer. The Patreon version is unlocked and uncensored.

It says too many people have downloaded it

Bruh what

works just fine

i cant download it

Please try again

how can i download? when i download it opens a blank google drive doc


Hi there, you have to click the "download" icon located top right. Please try downloading with this download link.

i cant download the demo because it says too many people have already downloaded it, what can i do?


Hi, please try again.  It should be available now.


yup it works now thanks


The best looking VR game I've played in forever. GG. I wish more girls were available in the demo.


Thank you. A new updated demo is coming soon ;) 
Follow us on Twitter for more info.

When is there gonna be a quest port ? I would pay for your guys patreon but there is no quest port


Hi. Quest 2 stand-alone version is in the works. No release date yet. We'll make an announcement on our Twitter as soon as it's available. Stay tuned.


is there an active player base, or just a ghost town atm?


Hi. New players join every day and our community is growing. Some choose to play online, others like to play single player.


alr, ty for answering